About SlideSafe

Slide Safe is a carefully packaged treasure chest of sexual safety. It is an all-in-one box of STI rapid tests kits (HIV and Hepatitis B), water-based lubricants, and condoms.

Slide Safe is discretely delivered to customers, at their preferred drop-off location and time. Slide Safe is a public health innovation to help drive the increase of screening of STIs among sexually active people in Nigeria.

Shame and stigma are major access barriers to the use of available sexual and reproductive health services and products in Nigeria. Traditional health providers, fueled by their personal biases, tend to infringe on people’s rights to access available sexual services. Women in particular are unfairly judged for being ‘immoral’, made to feel they are doing something wrong by healthcare providers who do not sensitively handle requests for sexual health products or services. Sadly, sexually transmitted infections like HIV disproportionately affect women, accounting for 63.5% of new infections (NACA, 2013).

Slide Safe is a public health innovation to help drive the increase of screening of STIs among sexually active people in Nigeria. 

The Slide Safe prototypes are focused on two STIs: HIV and Hepatitis B Virus. These infections are both difficult and very expensive to manage. People infected with Hepatitis B often do not have symptoms and therefore can remain unaware of their status until it is very late. Statistics from National Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, NACA puts the national prevalence rate of HIV at 3.4%. Statistics from the Federal Ministry of Health puts the national prevalence of Hepatitis B at 11.0%, with most of 20 million of infected Nigeria unaware of their status thereby possibly transmitting the infection to unsuspecting partners. Prevention or early detection is most critical for both sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Slide Safe is a product of MerDroits, health tech social enterprise that provides online access to affordable and judgment-free sexual health consultation and contraceptives sales. MerDroits also promotes safe sex through sexuality education programs, What Research Says and MerDroits60. The MerDroits60 series is a gateway for everyone to share his or her stories, and help educate others about sex and sexuality. If you have a story to share, email merdroits60@merdroits.com. What Research Says and MerDroits hold on Twitter 6pm Mondays and Fridays respectfully.